Meta expands ban on Myanmar military after $150 billion lawsuit

Meta announced this week that it is expanding its ban on members of the Myanmar military – known as the Tatmadaw – after Rohingya refugees filed two class action lawsuits in the US and UK for about $150 billion.

Meta said it will now “remove Pages, Groups and accounts representing military-controlled businesses.” The company made a similar move earlier this year when the military staged a coup and removed democratically-elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi. 

Meta did not say how this move differentiates from the one in February, and many online criticized it as a cynical ploy to deflect criticism coming from the billion-dollar lawsuit. 

“This builds on our existing ban on these entities advertising on Facebook, which was announced in February, and the various enforcement actions we’ve taken since then which are outlined below,” said Rafael Frankel, director of policy for Meta in APAC-Emerging Countries.

“We’re taking this latest action based on extensive documentation by the international community of these businesses’ direct role in funding the Tatmadaw’s ongoing violence and human rights abuses in Myanmar.”

Frankel noted that the move was made in light of the sanctions handed down by the US, EU and other governments. But Frankel added that the military “has far-reaching

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