Meta updates privacy policy with more detail about what data it collects

Image: Meta

Meta said after being “inspired” by user feedback and privacy experts, the company has rewritten its privacy policy “to make it easier to understand”.

The updated policy, formerly referred to as its data policy, now provides examples of what information is collected, and how it is used, shared, retained, and transferred, including with the type of third parties. New controls to manage who can view a post and the topic users want to see ads about has also been included.

Meta has also used illustrations, a video, and a table to present the information, instead of relying on a giant wall of text.

“Our goal with this update is to be more clear about our data practices … At Meta, we’ve always set out to build personalized experiences that provide value without compromising your privacy. So, it’s on us to have strong protections for the data we use and be transparent about how we use it,” Meta product chief privacy officer Michael Protti said in a blog post.

Protti also assured while the text might look slightly different, Meta is “not collecting, using, or sharing data in new ways …. and we still do not sell your information”.

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