Microsoft announces security programs for nonprofits as nation-state attacks increase

Microsoft unveiled a new suite of tools on Thursday built to protect nonprofits as threats against philanthropic organizations globally have skyrocketed, particularly from nation-states.

The Microsoft Security Program for Nonprofits has three different components, including free access to the AccountGuard program, free security assessments and free training pathways for IT administrators and end-users.

Justin Spelhaug, vice president of Microsoft Tech for Social Impact, and Flora Muglia, business strategy manager for Microsoft Tech for Social Impact, told ZDNet that the company’s goal is to sign up 10,000 nonprofit organizations in the next year and 50,000 organizations over the next three years.

Spelhaug said the company was interested in creating the program because nonprofits have become the second most targeted industry by nation-state attacks.

“31% of all nation-state notifications that we send out to organizations go to nonprofits. These are organizations that are human rights organizations, think-tanks, organizations with sensitive information that nation-states want to get their hands on,” Spelhaug said.

“Cybersecurity threats are on the rise and most nonprofit organizations do not have the same advanced network security protocols or resources or security models that a well-funded private corporation might have. 70% of nonprofit organizations haven’t conducted a vulnerability assessment, 80%, based on our research, don’t

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