Microsoft: Credit card skimmers are switching techniques to hide their attacks

Image: Getty Images

Card-skimming malware is increasingly using malicious PHP script on web servers to manipulate payment pages in order to bypass browser defenses triggered by JavaScript code, according to Microsoft. 

Microsoft threat researchers have observed a change in tactics used by card-skimming malware. Over the past decade, card skimming has been dominated by so-called Magecart malware that relies on JavaScript code to inject scripts into checkout pages and deliver malware that captures and steals payment card details.  

Injecting JavaScript into front-end processes was “very conspicuous”, Microsoft notes, because it might have triggered browser protections like Content Security Policy (CSP) that stop external scripts from loading. Attackers found less noisy techniques by targeting web servers with malicious PHP scripts.

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Microsoft in November 2021 found two malicious image files, including one fake browser favicon, being uploaded to a Magento-hosted server. Magento is a popular e-commerce platform. 

The images contained embedded PHP script, which by default didn’t run on the affected web server. Instead, the PHP script only runs after confirming, via cookies, that the web admin is not currently signed-in, in

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