Microsoft: Here are the key Windows 11 security upgrades coming your way

Microsoft claims that Windows 11 will bring major security improvements and had detailed a number of them,

Not many businesses are using Windows 11 right now because of the high bar of its minimum hardware requirements, but it has been rolling out rapidly to consumers since its October release.

Microsoft teamed up with Intel to deliver its Secured-core PCs for enterprise customers and create the Pluton security co-processor with Intel, AMD and Qualcomm for storing encrypted secrets like passwords. The hardware-based security efforts, which were introduced in 2019, aim to thwart attacks on firmware, where attackers may have physical access to the computer, like a state-sponsored hacker. 

And Microsoft has now said that its work on secured-core PCs and servers is producing benefits.  

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“Our data shows that these devices are 60 percent more resilient to malware than PCs that don’t meet the Secured-core specifications,” says David Weston, Microsoft’s vice president

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