Microsoft investigating hacking group's claims of successful breach

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Mar 21, 2022 | CYBERSCOOP

A cybercrime group that’s been targeting a string of high-profile victims with data theft, extortion and website defacements over the last few months claimed this weekend it has breached Microsoft.

The corporation said in a statement Monday that officials are “aware of the claims and are investigating.” Lapsus$, the group making the claims, posted a screenshot to its Telegram channel March 20 of what appeared to be an internal Microsoft developer account, Vice reported Monday. Later in the weekend the image was removed from the channel and replaced with the message: “Deleted for now will repost later.”

Lapsus$ emerged in December as a seemingly new hacking group bringing a “chaotic energy to the field,” Wired noted March 15. Rather than attacking targets with ransomware — where data is stolen and a target’s data is then encrypted in a ransom demand — Lapsus$ focuses more on data theft and extortion.

The group claimed in early December that its “only goal is money,” and “our reasons are not political,” Wired noted. So far Lapsus$ has not been definitively tracked to a specific country, but the Wired report said researchers suspect the group might

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