Microsoft just expanded its malware protection for Linux servers

Microsoft has announced it’s adding even more security features to the protection it offers to open-source operating systems.

Defender for Endpoint on Linux server gained endpoint detection and response (EDR) abilities a few months ago and now has extra capabilities for Azure Defender customers. It makes sense for Microsoft to develop security products for Linux, given that Linux distributions dominate virtual machine OSes on its Azure cloud.  

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One key change is that Linux EDR detection and live response is now in public preview. Live response allows for in-depth investigations and quick threat containment by giving security teams forensic data, the ability to run scripts, share suspicious entities, and hunt for possible threats. 

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Microsoft has also extended support for Amazon Linux 2 and Fedora 33+. And it now has a public preview of RHEL6.7+, CentOS 6.7+. Previously, EDR was available for: RHEL 7.2+; CentOS Linux 7.2+; Ubuntu 16.04 or higher LTS; SLES 12+; Debian 9 or newer; or Oracle Linux 7.2 or higher.

“The complete set of the previously released antivirus (AV) and EDR capabilities now applies to these newly added Linux distributions. [Threat and vulnerability management]

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