Microsoft wants to improve IoT security with Edge Secured-core devices

Microsoft is expanding a certification program to improve the security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Microsoft’s secured-core concept first aimed to improve the security of software interfaces for Windows 10 hardware in 2019 and two years later brought it to firmware for servers running Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI

Secured-core is not focussed on consumer devices but aims to assure enterprise customers that Windows running on non-Microsoft hardware has been certified as secure by Microsoft. The concept was carried across from Microsoft’s Xbox division, which has a more vertically controlled hardware and software stack than the Windows ecosystem.

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Beyond desktops and servers, Microsoft also has the “Edge Secured-core” program – a security certification for IoT devices that operate on the edge of networks called the Azure Certified Device program. It’s for devices connected to Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. 

Microsoft says devices certified under this program will get updates for at least 60 months from the date that vendors submit their devices to its program. That’s as long as Google’s commitment to patch its own Android Pixel phones for five years

Microsoft says its program assures that devices have hardware-backed

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