Microsoft: Windows Autopatch is coming soon. Here's what you need to know

Microsoft is rolling out an automatic Windows and Office software update service to its enterprise customers, which aims to turn ‘Patch Tuesday’ into just another Tuesday.

Microsoft is releasing Windows Autopatch for its customers on enterprise E3 and upward contracts. The company revealed some information at its Windows hybrid work virtual event, where it explained how the Windows 11 could help businesses, but now it has provided more detail. 

Windows Autopatch will be released in July 2022, Microsoft says in an FAQ. The managed service will deliver Windows 10 and Windows 11 quality and feature updates for drivers, firmware, and Microsoft 365 apps like Teams, Word, Outlook and Excel.

Businesses haven’t adopted Windows 11 quickly due to Microsoft’s security-focussed minimum hardware requirements, but the software giant is betting that most enterprises will refresh hardware by the time Windows 10 support ends in October 2025. 

The Autopatch service is tied to Patch Tuesdays and aims to help “IT pros to do more for less”, it says in a blogpost.    

“This service will keep Windows and Office software on enrolled endpoints up-to-date automatically, at no additional cost. IT admins can gain time and resources to drive value. The second Tuesday of every month will be ‘just

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