Modern Gaming Sucks Because of Abundance Fatigue

As you peruse the Xbox or Playstation store games, probably skipping through the deals to see if there is anything tasty, your mind will no doubt settle on the idea that modern gaming sucks.

As you consider what to spend your money on, you think about the bigger games but aren’t too comfortable with their prices, and you look at some of the smaller games that would have been considered shovelware or bloatware if they had been added to a demo disc.

Yet, are modern games to blame for our apathy? Is it possible that we have abundance fatigue? Are we getting too much meat and potatoes, and not enough carrots and spring greens?

What Is Abundance Fatigue?

When something becomes popular, when an idea catches on, developers rush to add it to their games. Try to remember, not long ago, games weren’t all open world. Every game didn’t have to level. Every game didn’t have crafting, stealth, and big action set pieces. The staples of a modern “Bland” game were innovative at one point in history.

Abundance fatigue is what you get when developers try to cram as many good ideas and innovations into a game as

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