Morrison wants organisations to prioritise trust over efficiency for data security

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison officially opening Macquarie Telecom’s IC3 data centre in Macquarie Park.

Image: Campbell Kwan

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned organisations to prioritise trust over costs and efficiency when it comes to data security, pointing to the recent cyber attacks in Ukraine as lessons for organisations to learn from.

“I tell you particularly in a more troubled world, especially from a data security point of view, supply chains are frankly more about trust now than they even are about efficiency or cost,” said Morrison, who officially opened Macquarie Telecom’s new AU$85 million hyperscale data centre in Sydney.

“We see that in the most terrible events, whether it’s in Ukraine or the stresses that are being placed on our own country here in the Indo-Pacific, when it comes to your data security you’ve got to be dealing with someone you trust and so words like sovereign really mean something — secure, really mean something.”

In providing this warning, the prime minister said organisations need to prioritise developing data security skills and building secure critical infrastructure, pointing to Macquarie Telecom’s new data centre as an example.

“I think that’s one of the great virtues of where we are

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