Most Brazilian remote workers feel responsible for corporate data security

Most Brazilian professionals working remotely believe they are responsible for the integrity and security of corporate data, according to a global study on consumer security attitudes.

The 2021 Unisys Security Index reveals that two-thirds of Brazilians working remotely stated they are primarily responsible for keeping their employers’ data secure. Of the respondents who believe they are primarily responsible for the integrity of corporate data, 41% also place that responsibility on application providers. Only 21% of those polled hold their employers accountable for data security.

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The results suggest that most Brazilians have a high degree of responsibility in relation to the corporate data they work with, according to Alexis Aguirre, director at Unisys Cybersecurity for Latin America. On the other hand, Aguirre noted corporate attitudes contrast with the lack of knowledge among the population about the various types of digital security fraud. 

“It is clear that in addition to investing in technology, it is essential to

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