Mozilla Firefox joins browsers implementing Global Privacy Control

Mozilla has become the latest browser to test the waters in incorporating the Global Privacy Control in Firefox this week, calling itself “the first major web browser” to do so. 

The GPC — required under the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) and Europe’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — tells websites not to sell or share your personal data.  

Mozilla said the GPC is a prerelease feature available for experimental use in Firefox Nightly.

A Mozilla spokesperson said they were excited to see GPC getting traction both in California and Colorado and now that they expect sites to start honoring it, they want to start getting experience with it in the field.

“Many websites present cookie consent banners that let users opt out of tracking and of having their data sold on a site by site basis. The difference here is that the user doesn’t need to opt out on every site — which we think is a better solution,” Mozilla told ZDNet. 

“Mozilla was one of the early supporters of the CCPA and of the CPRA and, in 2020, we became one of the founding members of the Global Privacy Control. We endorsed this concept because it gives more control to people over

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