Mozilla rolls out GPC for all Firefox users, but enforcement limited to two states

Mozilla has expanded its implementation of Global Privacy Control (GPC) to all users after rolling it out on a limited basis in October. 

The feature – which tells websites not to sell or share your personal data – was only available in Firefox Nightly, their pre-release channel. But as of this week, GPC will be available for all Firefox users to turn on if they wish to. 

Unfortunately for most US users, this feature may not have much effect. The GPC is required under the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) and Europe’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as Colorado’s privacy law, but no other states have laws that will enforce it.

Even California and Colorado have faced backlash for loopholes in their laws that make it difficult to actually enforce the feature. 

Mozilla told ZDNet that GPC complements technical anti-tracking features integrated into Firefox, like Enhanced Tracking Protection and Total Cookie Protection. 

“By sending a signal to the websites that people visit, telling them that the person does not want to be tracked and does not want their data to be sold, it helps address the tracking conducted by websites through first-party cookies,” Mozilla said in a statement. 

“We think it can play an

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