Multiple government hacking groups stay busy targeting Ukraine and the region, Google researchers say

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May 3, 2022 | CYBERSCOOP

Government-backed hackers from Russia, China and Belarus have been behind a series of a series of hacking campaigns in recent weeks targeting government, industry, journalists, politicians and others, according to the latest update from Google’s Threat Analysis Group.

The Google researchers noted in an updated blog post Tuesday that in just the “past few weeks” they’ve seen at least three distinct Russian hacking groups targeting Ukraine and beyond, a Belarusian group going after “high risk individuals in Ukraine” and a Chinese hacking group running hacking campaigns against organizations in Ukraine, Russia and central Asia.

The hacking campaigns are just the latest examples of both government and non-government hacking efforts either seeking intelligence related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or using the invasion as a lure in phishing campaigns.

Ukrainian government officials and others continually publicize Russian hacking efforts targeting Ukraine alongside its ongoing kinetic military attacks. On April 27 Microsoft released a report detailing nearly 40 “destructive attacks” as part of Russian operations against Ukraine, which have included intelligence gathering efforts as well as operations aimed at destroying infrastructure, including portions of the Ukrainian electrical grid.

Tuesday’s update

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