My Instagram account was hacked and two-factor authentication didn't help

After almost 40 years in technology, it finally happened. I had one of my accounts hacked. Blast it. The target was my Instagram account. While I’m very active on social networks, Instagram was the one I used the least. Here’s what happened. 

It all started when I got a plausible Instagram message from a friend. His message asked for my help and included a reset link for their account. Rather than asking me to click the link, which I’d never do in a million years, it simply asked me to send him back a screenshot of the message including the link. I thought, “How can I be hacked by sending a PNG image?” After all, it wasn’t a reset link for my account. So I replied with the image. 

Oh foolish, foolish me.

It turns out the combination of the URL on the image and my reply gave them enough information to take over my account. 

Now, even when I saw trouble brewing — an Instagram e-mail came asking me if I wanted to change my phone number to one in Nigeria — I wasn’t too worried. I’d protected my account with two-factor authentication

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