Natural Silk Fibers Used by Researchers to Generate Secure Keys

Experts from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) in South Korea have performed an operation to create a digital security system that is environment friendly. They managed to use natural silk fibers coming from domesticated silkworms in order to generate security keys.

The first natural physical unclonable function (PUF) […] takes advantage of the diffraction of light through natural microholes in native silk to create a secure and unique digital key for future security solutions.


What Are PUFs?

According to the HackerNews publication, the so-called PUFs researchers mentioned, also known under the extended name of physical unclonable functions, point out basically to those devices that during the manufacturing process use microscopic differences and inherent randomness with the purpose of unique identifier generation. These elements, that could be, for instance, cryptographic keys, will be created in accordance with a range of inputs or conditions.

PUFs is a term that indicates one-way functions that are non-algorithmic. These come from uncopiable elements and are used to produce identifiers that cannot be broken. This fact will further enable a powerful authentication.

As the years have passed, PUFs have been known elements related to the provision of “silicon fingerprints” for smart cards. This method

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