New BloodyStealer malware steals data from gamers on EA, Epic, Steam

The is being sold on Russian forums while its capabilities include stealing logs, login credentials, and much more.

On Monday 27th, the IT security researchers at Kaspersky Labs reported a new malware whose prime target is users on gaming platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, and , among others.

BloodyStealer malware

Dubbed BloodyStealer by researchers; the malware is capable of stealing game-related logs, login credentials, and other from a targeted device.

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The researchers found that the malware also can steal credit card numbers, passwords, forms, and data stored in cookies, in addition to taking screenshots and other activities, relying on an “efficient anti-detection technique.”

New BloodyStealer malware steals data from gamers on EA, Epic, Stream

Advertisement for selling BloodyStealer malware

Following is the English translation of the image above in Russian language highlighting the capabilities and features of BloodyStealer:

  • Grabber for cookies, passwords, forms, bank cards from browsers
  • Stealer for all information about the PC and screenshots
  • Steals files from the desktop (.txt) and the uTorrent client
  • Collects logs from

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