New Robo-Dialing Campaign Lets Users Prank Call Russian Bureaucrats

If you want to prevent Russian officials from performing their government duties, there’s a website that can fulfill your desire.

What is

A group of hacktivists going by the name of “Obfuscated Dreams of Scheherazade” has created a unique website that allows visitors to make prank calls to two randomly selected Russian officials and waste their time.

If you wonder how this happens, the website has a button. When you click it, it asks for a CAPTCHA test. If you pass it, a robocall is made to any two bureaucrats in Russia.

Robocall and Prank Calls- A Lethal Combo! combines robocalling and prank calling to create a novel weapon to annoy the Russian state through telephonic conversations. For your information, a robocall is a method to distract individuals, mainly designed to destroy their focus and create a nuisance for the receiver.

Believe it or not, this prank has worked as more than five thousand phone calls have been made thus far, while Gizmodo’s analysis revealed that within 45 minutes, two thousand calls were made. The hacktivists stated that they used publicly leaked data and web scraping to create a database of more than 5,000 Russian government officials’

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