New Russian Android Malware Tracks GPS Location and Spies on Victims

The culprit behind this malware is Turla, a Russia State-Sponsored group known for previous high-profile malware attacks against European and American targets.

Lab52 researchers have shared details of Russian malware targeting Android smartphone users. This dangerous spyware can read text messages, listen to calls, and even record your conversations by exploiting the device’s microphone. 

The computer security researchers at Lab52 reported that the new malware targets the Android OS and was developed in Russia. Researchers noted that this previously undocumented Android malware masquerades as a system application “Process Manager,” apart from collecting a trove of data. It spreads on the web via harmless-looking APK files and is hidden inside the code of Process Manager.

Russian State-Sponsored Group Connection

This newly identified malware is connected to a Russian state-sponsored hacking group known as Turla. The group has a reputation for using custom malware, and its key targets are European and American devices.

The group typically engages in spying activities and was recently tied to the Sunburst backdoor used in 2020’s devastating SolarWinds attacks. Moreover, in 2017, Slovak internet security company ESET found that the Turla group was using the comment section of Britney Spears’s Instagram posts to control

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