News Corp Reportedly Targeted by Chinese Hackers

A cyberattack resulting in data theft impacted News Corp, an American media and publishing enterprise extended across various domains like news media, book publishing, cable television, and real estate data. The company owns many news brands.

Who Was Targeted and What Data Was Accessed?

According to CyberNews, the threat actors targeted journalists working for big news enterprises. These included brands like The New York Post, UK’s The Sun and The Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Hackers managed to gain access to journalists’ email accounts and various documents like article drafts. Another person cognizant of the investigation also said that Google Drive documents employed by some journalists at Wall Street Journal were impacted.

Even if data leakage happened, the company stated that customer data was not impacted.

In January 2022, the Company discovered that one of these systems was the target of persistent cyberattack activity. Together with an outside cybersecurity firm, the Company is conducting an investigation into the circumstances of the activity to determine its nature, scope, duration and impacts. The Company’s preliminary analysis indicates that foreign government involvement may be associated with this activity, and that data was taken. To the Company’s knowledge, its systems housing customer and

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