NordPass password manager deal: Get two years for $29

After getting the umpteenth notification in your email inbox about a compromised password (we feel your pain), it’s time to start looking at more secure options. After all, remembering every single letter, number, and symbol when you’ve had to change your Facebook account’s password every few months can get confusing. With NordPass’ surprise sale, you won’t have to worry about remembering passwords — because it will remember your passwords for you.

And, of course, it will keep them encrypted so that you know your passwords are safe and secure. NordPass security was designed and built by NordVPN, a company devoted to keeping its 14 million users secure on the internet from malicious hackers and other malware. When you purchase this bundle deal — good for two years — you’ll be getting the same customer support while making sure you know exactly where your passwords are.

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Your passwords will sync across all your devices with NordPass and you’ll be able to store unlimited passwords. Additionally, you can also save your credit card information, so checkouts when they are time-sensitive will be speedy and effortless.

A month-by-month plan is typically billed at $5, so two years for only

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