'Once they have access to your screen, they have complete control'. Watch out for these screen-sharing scams

Cyber criminals are stealing millions by luring victims into investment scams and then using remote screen-sharing software to steal money, bank details and other personal information. 

According to research by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the number of screen-sharing scams has almost doubled over the course of a year – and almost half of investors wouldn’t be able to identify that they’re being duped by one. That’s resulted in over £25 million in losses in the UK alone. 

Many of the attacks target potential investors – including those looking to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency – because if cyber criminals can successfully trick these high-value targets into falling for scams, they can steal significant amounts of money in one go.

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Of those surveyed by the FCA, 91% said they would never share their PIN with a stranger, but 85% wouldn’t think a request by a website to use or download software could be a warning sign that someone was seeking to gain illegal access to personal information on their computer or smartphone. That’s providing scammers with opportunities.  

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