Only 20% of new developers receive secure coding training, says report

According to a recent report, only 20% of newly hired developers have received secure coding training. This is an issue that is more significant than it may seem as application use is growing by the day, and it is only eclipsed by the increasing need for secure code in applications. 

There are risks to having a team of developers who lack security best practices, and a number of key oversights might be made based upon their lack of secure code training. Ongoing, targeted skill development can help efficiently reduce those risks. 

Troubling findings

ESG recently released the “Modern Application Development Security report. It highlighted some troubling gaps in security training for developers. This survey said only 20% of the organizations surveyed offer training in secure coding to new developers they hire. Additionally, 35% of organizations surveyed said less than half of the developers in their employ even take part in formal training. Even worse, less than 50% of surveyed organizations require their developers to take part in formal training more than once a year. These findings leave developers and the application they work on with potentially serious secure coding gaps.

When developers lack security best practices

What happens when

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