Organizations Now Have 76 Security Tools to Manage

Organizations Now Have 76 Security Tools to Manage

Organizations are presenting their attackers with an open goal because of tool bloat, a lack of visibility into key assets, and misplaced confidence in their security controls, according to Panaseer.

The security vendor polled 1,200 US and UK enterprise security decision-makers from various industries to compile its Panaseer 2022 Security Leaders Peer Report.

It found that the shift to cloud and remote working has driven a 19% increase over the past two years in the number of security tools organizations must manage – from 64 to 76.

This can increase reporting requirements and generate visibility and security controls gaps that are difficult to close.

Only a third (36%) of respondents said they feel very confident in their ability to prove controls were working as intended. In comparison, the vast majority (82%) claimed to have been surprised by a security event, incident or breach that evaded controls thought to be in place.

According to a Gartner poll of senior executives, security controls failures were the number one cited risk in Q1 2021.

Panaseer also found that just two-fifths of security leaders can confidently understand and remediate underperforming controls and track improvement. A majority (60%) of respondents admitted to

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