Over 80% of Brits Deluged with Scam Calls and Texts

Over 80% of Brits Deluged with Scam Calls and Texts

Some 45 million Brits received fraudulent phone calls and texts over the summer, according to new data from Ofcom.

The UK’s telecoms regulator polled 2,000 adults on September 18-19 2021, to assess how many had been affected in the previous three months.

Some 82% said they had, with the vast majority (71%) claiming they’d received suspicious text messages. Three-quarters (75%) of those people were aged 16-34.

Over two-fifths (44%) of those who’d received messages said they were hit at least once a week.

For older individuals, scam calls appear to be a more significant threat. Some 61% of respondents aged 75 and over reported receiving a potential scam call to their landline, with more than half (53%) of those getting a call at least once a week.

Unfortunately, 2% of respondents admitted following the scammers’ instructions in a message or call, which amounts to roughly one million Brits.

Most mobile users (79%) said they weren’t aware of the 7726 number, which can report a suspected text or call.

“Criminals who defraud people using phone and text scams can cause huge distress and financial harm to their

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