Overview: OWASP Top 10 2021

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Table 1 – The top 15 vulnerabilities with known exploits or proofs of concept and related Top 10 risks

How to secure code via application security and testing

Now, let’s focus on how to secure your apps from these vulnerabilities. This can be tricky given you can have tens, hundreds, or maybe thousands of developers writing and deploying code every day in your production environment.

First, organizations must ensure that all communications are being made using TLS encryption. This should be applied even among internal services like load balancers, application servers, and databases.

Organizations can significantly reduce the attack surface of their systems just by limiting and monitoring exposed services, ports, and API endpoints. Here, it is essential to think about container base images and the systems on which its clusters are running.

There are various code security verifications to add to your pipeline to ensure that one’s code is secured:

Static application security analysis (SAST) – This is also called “security code review” or “code auditing” and is still one of the best and quickest ways to detect security issues in one’s code. Enterprises should have at least one static analysis tool embedded into the pipeline regardless of the

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