Panel Discusses How SMEs Can Stay Secure Amid Digital Shift

Panel Discusses How SMEs Can Stay Secure Amid Digital Shift

The ways SMEs can address cybersecurity challenges brought about by rapid digital transformation during COVID-19 were discussed during a webinar hosted by the FT.

The panel, moderated by Danielle Myles, contributor, fDi, Financial Times Group, offered advice on how SMEs can effectively leverage advances in digital technologies to compete with large businesses. The panelists began by outlining the significant benefits such a transformation can entail for them. Sandrine Kergroach, head of SME and Entrepreneur at OECD, noted that costs in administration, logistics and marketing could be significantly lowered through digitization.

Antony Walker, deputy CEO of techUK, agreed and pointed to the “transformational” potential cloud platforms offer to SMEs, as they have commoditized these types of technologies. This means that “services and products that once were only available to the very largest companies are now available to everybody.” In Walker’s view, the benefits of cloud platforms extend to cybersecurity. “One of the real benefits of cloud-based technologies is that you’re benefitting from industrial grade cybersecurity and resilience that means you can stay up and running,” he stated.   

Later in the session, the discussion turned to the challenges for SMEs around increased tech adoption, particularly

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