Patching Too Tortuous for IT Pros

Patching Too Tortuous for IT Pros

Patching vulnerabilities is too labor intensive and convoluted a process for most IT security professionals, according to new research by Ivanti

The Utah-based software company surveyed over 500 enterprise IT and security professionals across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa about their patch management challenges. 

Nearly three-quarters of respondents (71%) found patching to be "overly complex, cumbersome, and time consuming," with more than half (54%) saying that remote work has increased the intricacy and scale of patch management.

Despite the Equifax breach and WannaCry ransomware both involving the exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities, 62% of IT pros said that other tasks often take priority over patching. 

Patching was reported to have an impact upon productivity, with more than half (60%) of respondents saying that the process disrupts the workflow of users. 

Receiving orders from line-of-business owners once a quarter to skip or delay patching to avoid system shutdowns was reported by 61% of IT and security professionals. 

“These results come at a time when IT and security teams are dealing with the challenges of the Everywhere Workplace, in which workforces are more distributed than ever before, and ransomware attacks are intensifying and

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