Post-pandemic growth starts with understanding risk

Trend Micro -

IT and business leaders have rarely seen eye-to-eye on cybersecurity, but today the friction seems more pronounced than ever. New Trend Micro research found that over 90% of IT decision-makers believe their organization would be willing to compromise on cybersecurity in favor of other priorities like digital transformation, productivity or customer experience.

The short-term benefits of such a strategy are not worth the long-term costs. To succeed in the post-pandemic era, organizations must reconcile this business-IT stand-off and come to a shared understanding about cyber as a critical element of business risk. This will enable organizations to maximize their business potential by embedding cyber into everything they do from day one, rather than play catch-up years down the line after a costly breach.

Friction everywhere

The new report also reveals that just 50% of IT leaders and 38% of business decision-makers think the C-suite completely understands cyber risks. Some believe this is because the field is too complex and fast-changing. But others argue that their boards either don’t try hard enough or don’t want to understand.

In addition, more than 80% of IT bosses surveyed felt pressured to downplay the severity of cyber risks to their board for fear of

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