Privacy predictions for Europe in 2022

Here are some of Forrester’s most important predictions that will impact European privacy leaders’ planning for 2022: 

Employee backlash will grow as more employers monitor productivity 

In October 2020, almost one in three European employees said that their employers used software to monitor their productivity while working from home. Today, as companies launch new flexible work policies, software that allows employers to monitor employees’ productivity is gaining popularity worldwide. Companies that choose to deploy this technology today must prepare to manage the consequences in the next 12 months. 

Privacy regulators are already acting, and more action will happen in 2022 

According to the General Data Protection Regulation enforcement tracker, fines and penalties for violations of an employee’s privacy are in the top five for total highest values. Across the top 10 single, highest fines issued so far, the violation of an employee’s privacy accounts for two of them. 

Regulators are investigating a variety of employee surveillance methods. In the case of retailer H&M, the regulator found that the employer systematically built and kept excessive and overly exposed records concerning employee personal and professional life. In the case of, the regulator concluded that the company recorded videos of its employees for an extended period

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