Privileges Escalation for Linux and Windows Operating System

What is Privileges Escalation

For those are not very familiar with Privilege Escalation, it is an act of exploiting vulnerabilities or bug where the attacker will take advantages of the design flaw in terms of configuration that resides either Operating System or Software Application. The purpose of the Privileges Escalation is to gain administrator access to the server or application.

As a result, the attacker will compromise the application or system by performing unauthorized access to the system. In this post, we will focus only on Linux and Windows Privileges Access even though there still have Mobile Access.

Windows Privileges Escalation

When we are talking about Windows Privileges Escalation, most people will think about how to gain PowerShell on the system or application. Even though it was not totally wrong but the main objective would be gaining administrator control over the system and application.

Tools that used for Windows Privileges Escalation

There is a lot of tools that can be used for this activity. But I would just focus on a few tools that I’m familiar with. The tool for Window Privilege Escalation would be

Metasploit can exploit the target and the attacker would

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