Psst! tool by 1Password lets users share passwords using a link

1Password password manager has introduced a new tool called Password Secure Sharing Tool or Psst! that lets users share their passwords or “anything in their 1Password vault” by simply using a link even with those who don’t use 1Password.

We all need to share passwords in the workplace and also at home. It is a common practice but in the current environment sharing passwords securely is a big deal. However, 1Password has come to the rescue by introducing a brand-new feature called Psst!

What is Psst!?

It is an abbreviation for Password Secure Sharing Tool. As the name suggests, the new feature allows you to share passwords without having any privacy-related concerns. Psst! allows people to share login credentials even if they don’t have an account at 1Password. The company claims that it had to roll out this feature on public demand.

[embedded content] How Psst! was Developed?

According to 1Password, they conducted research that revealed that most workers prefer to reuse corporate credentials, and 36% of the respondents admitted to sharing login information with their co-workers using insecure channels. This includes chat apps, emails, text messages, spreadsheets, and documents, etc.

In another survey, the company learned

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