Purchasing Managed Security Services: Strategies for Client References

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If you’ve purchased, or are planning to purchase, managed security services, requesting client references is essential. Like any major service procurement, the opportunity for direct conversation with a current client provides great insight into how the service provider delivers services and addresses obstacles. However, there are some unique challenges and opportunities with client references in the security services market. Having been in the security services market for nearly 20 years, I want to share a few key strategies when requesting and engaging client references from security service providers.

Scarce Resource
First, the challenge: Security client references are scarce. Many clients simply don’t want to be a reference. This position is driven by the concern they would be revealing information about their security strategy, which could be used against them. Given recent supply chain attacks, this apprehension and caution are understandable.

Client reluctance can result in security service providers not having a

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