Queensland government energy generator hit by ransomware

By urbans/Shutterstock

Queensland government-owned energy generator CS Energy said on Tuesday it was responding to a ransomware incident that occurred over the weekend.

First reported by Energy Source & Distribution, the company said the incident has not impacted electricity generation at Callide and Kogan Creek power station, and it was looking to restore its network.

“We immediately notified relevant state and federal agencies, and are working closely with them and other cybersecurity experts,” CEO Andrew Bills said.

“We have contacted our retail customers to reassure them that there is no impact to their electricity supply and we have been regularly briefing employees about our response to this incident.”

In response to the incident, ANZ regional director at Claroty, Lani Refiti, said critical infrastructure has been increasingly targeted by ransomware gangs since the infrastructure firms cannot afford any disruptions or downtime.

“The usual vector for ransomware is via corporate systems/networks and most organisations in the power sector will segment their operational technology systems from their corporate networks to avoid an attack via this route,” Refiti said.

“Hopefully this is the case for CS Energy, who are one of Queensland’s three main power generation companies along with Stanwell Corporation and Cleanco.”

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