Query.AI expands its leadership team with two new appointments

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Query.AI announced the expansion of its leadership team with the appointments of Rob Anderson as vice president of sales and Susan Vaillancourt as chief marketing officer (CMO). Anderson and Vaillancourt, both seasoned cybersecurity executives, are responsible for building and scaling go-to-market efforts to drive exponential revenue growth for Query.AI. Each will report directly to Andrew Maloney, the company’s co-founder and chief operating officer (COO).

“Companies today have data everywhere – in the cloud, in SaaS applications, and on-prem – spread across a number of powerful technologies, platforms, and cloud providers like Azure, AWS, and Google. Everyone is looking for a way to accelerate efficiencies in their cybersecurity operations across these environments,” said Maloney. “In a short time, Query.AI has completely disrupted conventional security operations thinking. We’ve brought to market a powerful, API-driven platform that provides a unified browser interface, which enables companies to access, investigate, and respond to threats detected

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