Ransomware attacks increased by 288% in H1 2021

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Analysis from NCC Group’s Research Intelligence and Fusion Team (RIFT) has highlighted the growing threat of ransomware around the world.

The number of ransomware attacks analysed by the team has increased by 288% between January-March 2021 and April-June 2021, with organizations continuing to face waves of digital extortion in the form of targeted ransomware.

22% of ransomware data leaks analysed between April and June were attributed to Conti ransomware, which often uses email phishing to remote into a network via an employee’s device. This was closely followed by Avaddon ransomware, which was linked to 17% of ransomware data leaks.

While the victims of this ransomware strain have faced data encryption, the threat of data leaks, and the wider risk of DDoS attacks disrupting operations, the strain is now believed to be inactive.

One significant trend identified is the prevalent issue of ransomware gangs threatening to leak the stolen

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