Ransomware penetration testing: Verifying your ransomware readiness

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Ransomware is a top priority for almost all information security teams. It is a common, severe threat that can have devastating consequences for the organization. However, even if your organization has defenses in place, it is critical to simulate a ransomware attack and ensure that you really are protected. A penetration test is the best way to verify that defenses and security processes are working correctly — and if not, which is often the case, remediate them before it is too late.

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing is an active security method. Security experts known as ethical hackers attempt cyberattacks against a system to discover and fix security weaknesses. Penetration tests evaluate an organization’s security processes and tools and discover vulnerabilities in underlying infrastructure. 

Unlike reactive security techniques that come into action when a breach or security issue is discovered, penetration testing can help discover security issues and remediate them before threats exploit them. By thinking like an attacker, penetration testers can discover security gaps and flaws that an organization would otherwise not be aware of.

Why is pentesting necessary for ransomware defense?

A ransomware attack could prevent an organization from accessing the devices, data, servers and networks

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