Ransomware: These two gangs are behind half of all attacks

Over half of all ransomware attacks reported during the first three months of this year are the work of just two cyber criminal outfits. 

According to analysis of recorded ransomware attacks between January and March 2022 by cybersecurity researchers at Digital Shadows, LockBit 2.0 and Conti were the two most active ransomware gangs during the three-month reporting period, accounting for 58% of all incidents. 

And of the two, LockBit is by far the most prolific, accounting for 38% of ransomware attacks. That’s almost twice the number of recorded attacks by the Conti ransomware group, which accounted for 20% of campaigns in the same period.  

Both groups steal data from their victims and threaten to publish it on leak sites if the ransom isn’t paid. According to Digital Shadows, LockBit leaked the information of over 200 victims during the first quarter of the year – the most leaks thus far.

While these two gangs were the busiest, other threats included Hive ransomware, Vice Society ransomware and Blackbyte ransomware, among others. 

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Conti ransomware has remained a major threat, despite February’s Conti Leaks, which revealed much about the inner workings of the ransomware group. Internal chat logs and other information got

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