Recent Breaches Underscore High Healthcare Security Risk

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Cyberattacks continue to pummel healthcare organizations already stretched thin by lack of resources and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as evidenced by two recently disclosed attacks targeting providers in California and Arizona.

Starting Aug. 24, 2021, California-based LifeLong Medical Care began informing individuals that their data was affected in a ransomware attack against Netgain, a third-party vendor that provides services to healthcare providers. LifeLong reported to the Department of Health and Human Services that 115,448 people were affected in the attack.

Netgain first detected anomalous network activity on Nov. 24, 2020, LifeLong reported in a letter disclosing the breach to affected customers. On Feb. 25, 2021, Netgain’s investigation revealed “certain files were accessed and/or acquired without authorization.” LifeLong conducted a review of the contents of the stolen files to determine whether they contained any sensitive data.

On Aug. 9, LifeLong found some identifiable personal and health information was accessed from Netgain’s

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