Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6: Better security, more options

Do you want a solid Linux distribution that also delivers the latest languages and solid security? Yes? Then consider getting Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6.

Red Hat announced this new release at the Red Hat Summit. It has numerous new features, but the ones that caught my eye were the security improvements.

For example, if you’re serious about securing your Linux distribution, you should run Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux). But, SELinux has long had a fundamental problem. Because its Common Intermediate Language (CIL) couldn’t store the module name and version in the module itself, there was no simple way to verify that the installed module was the right version. This kind of thing has become a common software chain supply security problem. 

Now, however, you can create a SHA256 hash checksum signature for your SELinux modules. You can then compare this with the original file’s checksum to make sure you’re actually using the correct SELinux configuration file. 

Continuing with configuration file security improvements, RHEL’s OpenSSH servers now support drop-in configuration files. The sshd_config file supports the Include directive. That means you can include configuration files in another directory. What makes this matter is that it makes

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