Reply-Chain Email Cyberattacks Hit Ikea’s Email Systems

Hackers are making use of stolen reply-chain emails in a wave of phishing attacks targeting Ikea’s employees.

Reply-Chain Email Cyberattacks Targeting Ikea

According to BleepingComputer publication, the company has started to inform its employees in a set of internal emails of these new reply chain phishing attacks that have the internal Ikea mailboxes as targets. According to the company’s emails towards employees, it seems that these are filled with seven digits links. The Ikea’s IT team also advised employees to not open the emails and to report them right off to the IT department.

There is no confirmation for the moment if internal servers were compromised.

There is an ongoing cyber-attack that is targeting Inter IKEA mailboxes. Other IKEA organizations, suppliers, and business partners are compromised by the same attack and are further spreading malicious emails to persons in Inter IKEA. (…)This means that the attack can come via email from someone that you work with, from any external organization, and as a reply to an already ongoing conversation. It is therefore difficult to detect, for which we ask you to be extra cautious.


BleepingComputer also mentions that the publication managed to identify the Ikea cyberattack relating this with

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