Reported Rates of Major Security Incidents by Market

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Of the 4,800 IT and security professionals Cisco Security surveyed in its “Proven Success Factors for Endpoint Security” report, 41% said their organization had suffered a major security incident or loss in the past two years. From a global perspective, the reported incident rates during that time show a sizable spread among markets. Less than a quarter of respondents from Russia said their firms had experienced a major cyber event, compared with two-thirds of those from Thailand. Beyond that, three additional EMEAR markets — the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy — boast the lowest rates, and two other Asian markets (mainland China and India) sit atop the high end of that scale. Representatives from the Americas region are scattered through the middle ranks. The United States ranked seventh in the list of 25 markets, with 49.9% of respondents reporting their firms experienced a major cyber event in the past two years.

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