Revealed: The 200 Most used and Worst Passwords of 2021

”123456” remains the most used and one of the worst passwords of 2021.

If you are one of those who believed in the myth that ”123456” or ”QWERTY” were reliable passwords, it is time you get the facts right because NordPass, a password management service, has debunked this myth once and for all. Read on to find out the worst passwords of 2021.

NordPass Releases List of 200 Most Used Passwords

According to a report from NordPass, people haven’t yet stopped relying on done-to-death passwords such as ”123456,” ”12345,” ”password,” and ”qwerty,” while research reveals that these three are the weakest passwords nowadays and can easily make you vulnerable to hacking. The password 123456 appeared over 103 million times in NordPass’s research.

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The study involved around fifty countries, and researchers conducted gender comparisons to reach a fair conclusion. As many as 222,287 females used ”iloveyou” as their password in the US, while 96,785 men used the same. 

Worst Passwords List Reveals Shocking Details

Surprisingly, according to the report, the passwords that topped the list of most used passwords in 2017 and 2019 still ranked in the

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