Robo-debt Royal Commission, eSafety capabilities and anti-trolling laws on the Australian election agenda

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Investing over AU$33 million to enhance eSafety capabilities and legislating the proposed anti-trolling laws are just some of the policies the Coalition government has pledged to follow up if it is re-elected at the upcoming federal election on May 21.

Specifically, the policy includes AU$23 million to raise awareness of the eSafety Commissioner’s support for Australian schools, provide training programs for teachers, improve online safety resources for schools, and enhance support for schools with external online safety providers.

It also includes an additional AU$10 million for the eSafety Commission to further expand coordination with other regulatory and law enforcement agencies, ensuring victims “tell-us-once” and are supported with the right service.

Additionally, the Morrison government said it will continue to stick with legislating proposed anti-trolling laws, touting that it will ensure social media companies are held accountable, while

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