Russian Drivers’ Private Information Available For Sale

The personal information of millions of Russian drivers is being sold by hackers on an underground market for only a few hundred dollars. As it turns out, the stolen data is 100% authentic, even if out of date for some of the affected drivers, and was allegedly obtained between 2006 and 2019.

What Data Was Stolen?

The database contains information on millions of Moscow car owners, including full names, vehicle details such as brand and model, year of registration, VIN code and license plate, driver’s date of birth, and contact information.

Who Is Behind the Data Leak?

It’s still unclear whether the individual who stole the information is either an insider or a threat actor who broke into the systems where the data was being kept. According to the database seller, the source was an insider from the Moscow traffic police department.

The authorities in Moscow didn’t say anything about this possibility yet, and experts have different opinions about who conducted the attack.

While some of the analysts are convinced that the leak was caused by insiders, others think that cybercriminals abused a flaw in the system’s software to exfiltrate the data.

Alexei Parfentiev, head of the analytics department at

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