Samsung confirms data breach as Lapsus$ hackers leak its source code

In total, Lapsus$ hackers have leaked 189 GB worth of sensitive data, while Samsung has confirmed the incident; it claimed that the leak does not involve customers’ or employees’ data.

The South Korean technology and smartphone giant, Samsung Electronics, has become a victim of a cyberattack involving 189 GB of sensitive data, which the hackers have leaked online. can confirm that the data is now being traded on Telegram and several hacking and cybercrime forums, especially active Russian language ones.

Samsung data being traded on Russian hacking forum and Telegram (Image:

For your information, a new Brazilian hacking group going by the online handle of Lapsus$ has claimed responsibility for the attack. Lapsus$ recently made headlines for targeting Nvidia and stealing 1TB of data. In the latest, the group says it has obtained Samsung’s secret source code along with a biometric unlock algorithm and other sensitive data.

About the Leaked Data

As seen by, Lapsus$ divided the data into three compressed files and released the entire 189 GB of data online as a torrent, and it has become one of the most popular torrent downloads now.

As per the description of the leaked data published

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