Scam PACs Allegedly Stole $3.5m from Trump Voters

Scam PACs Allegedly Stole $3.5m from Trump Voters

Three men have been charged with multiple counts of fraud and money laundering after allegedly running scam fund-raising operations that tricked Trump donors into handing over millions.

The three defendants are Matthew Nelson Tunstall, 34, of Los Angeles; Robert Reyes Jr, 38, of Hollister, California; and Kyle George Davies, 29, of Austin, Texas.

They’re accused of soliciting funds from voters during the 2016 election cycle via two fraudulent political action committees (PACs): Liberty Action Group PAC and Progressive Priorities PAC.

They allegedly managed to trick donors into handing over $3.5m, which they pocketed and used to fund more fraudulent adverts, according to the Department of Justice (DoJ). Tunstall and Reyes are also alleged to have laundered more than $350,000 from the scheme via a third-party vendor.

Although the indictment did not name the candidates that the trio was purporting to collect for. Reports claim they used the name and likeness of Donald Trump to solicit donations.

A Politico investigation in 2019 found a dozen pro-Trump PACs which had no affiliation with the former President. In fact, the FBI issued a warning in April this year about scams of this sort.

One fraudulent fundraiser, Harold

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