Secondary Infektion, a Russian disinformation outfit, impersonated Swedish lawmaker

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Oct 27, 2021 | CYBERSCOOP

A suspected Russian disinformation campaign used manipulated images and fabricated internet personas to promote false narratives online in an effort to sow mistrust in Sweden and Europe, according to new findings.

The propaganda effort known as Secondary Infektion is “highly likely” behind an effort that involved a photoshopped screenshot meant to appear as if it originated on the website of Sweden’s Riksdag, the national legislature, the threat intelligence company Recorded Future said in a report published Tuesday.

Secondary Infektion is an operation dating back at least two years, with researchers blaming the suspected Russian outfit for forging documents, stirring outrage via social media and generating negative sentiment around the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in countries such as Ukraine. Researchers have pointed to Secondary Infektion as an example of political warfare that uses digital means to try to destabilize foreign governments.

In the latest case, Recorded Future investigators observed an account on a popular Swedish forum, Flashback, publishing a post about “Swedish-Ukrainian NATO membership.” The user suggested that Sweden would soon join the alliance, founded in 1949 as a Western bulwark against the Soviet Union, because “there is no country that

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