Security Fears & Remote Work Drive Continued 2FA Adoption

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A quarter of the population in the United States and the United Kingdom who had not encountered two-factor authentication (2FA) two years ago have now used the technology at least once in 2021, according to a biennial study conducted by Cisco System’s Duo Labs.

The census-representative survey found more than three-quarters of the population (79%) used two-factor authentication in 2021, and 72% used the technology regularly. Companies have driven the gains, with 79% of employed workers regularly using 2FA technology and only 60% of unemployed people doing the same.

The move to remote work during the pandemic, remote workers’ reliance on credentials, and consumers’ adoption of more services drove the strong growth in two-factor authentication, says Wolfgang Goerlich, an advisory chief information security officer for Cisco.

“E-commerce sites and social media sites have done a great job making 2FA easy to use,”

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